A Living In The Greenery

1.A Living In The Greenery

It is a rare scene or a sight to see trees and plants around us. It is only the concrete jungle that is filling our lives and in this maddening rush for money and capital riches, we forget that we are toppling our peaceful living in the opposite direction. Greenery and the importance of some natural living should start with us from our little houses. Yes, and this is possible through the small and elegant gardens; it could be a vegetative garden or just a plantation of flower-bearing and fruit-bearing plants. It is a must for every house and its inmates to maintain some greenery around them. There are lots of benefits that we can actually enjoy by having a garden at home.

There has been an increasing and demanding emphasis on going green. Trees are being cut just for the purpose of mounting sky-high buildings and we forget the importance and significance of these life-saving trees and plants. How do you think you get enough oxygen to live an extended life? It is from these trees and green plants which emit oxygen and taken in the carbon-di-oxide emitted by us. So trees play a very important role in our healthy living.

A garden at home will also help in restoring and maintaining the water table. They help in keeping the surrounding environment fresh and pollution free by absorbing all the dirty and harmful gases into them. They also add beauty and elegance to the house. It is a sight to watch them beaming as the first thing in the morning and with them, the day starts fresh and energetic. For all these, it is important that you maintain and safeguard them properly. They need regular watering and manuring and this is what is going to help you have a green living forever.…

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At home, while there are many things you can change or replace it is not practical to change the floor every now and then. This is true for homes with hard floors. To make the floor of your home remain in great condition, appear clean and shiny and last long a mop can play an important role.

When you visit a store, there are often many options that can confuse, but it’s important to invest in a mop that is best for your floor.

Following are some tips that come handy while looking for great mops for here.

Consider your budget before you go looking for a mop

In a store or even online you will find a wide range of mops, the price range may vary right from a simple inexpensive mop to a top end mop that costs quite a sum. When you have a budget in mind, it helps you filter your search and look for the ones that specifically fit into your budget.

Once your budget is set you can look out for the bets options that fit your

Choose a mop that is specific to the type of floor you have

Different types of floors need different type of mops. Using an incorrect one might potentially cause harm to your flooring and shorten its life. For example, a laminate floor requires to be mopped with very little water, if you use a watery mop, there is a risk of waping. Similarly tile floors need a mop that can clean between the lines.

Check reviews before purchasing

Often a mop that might appear cost effective or attractive may have flaws. Whether a mop has a poor quality handle or does not hold water well one would know only by checking the reviews.

Do not forget the practicality of the mop

Often there are mops that come with various attachments and cleaning options that seem appealing appearance wise. You need to think if you are actually going to make use of those many attachments or if your physical abilities will allow you to use it.


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Tech Talk

Using the Status Option in Social Media to Your Advantage

WhatsApp is one of the most used texting apps in the world right now. The most popular and widely used instant messaging service has a new feature which enables the users to share special moments with their chosen ones through photographs, videos, and GIFs via their ‘Status’.

How does one use this cool feature? The app needs to be updated in the first place. Go to the Status tab and there you will see the Status of your contacts. If you wish to reply to any contact, tap the Status icon for that particular contact. Thus, your status updates in WhatsApp can be used to open conversations.

To change your own Status, click on the dotted circle with a plus sign which is on the top right corner of the screen or just click ‘My Status’. The status message in the updated WhatsApp tends to expire after 24hours.You can delete your Status message by giving a long click on the 3 dots in front of your Status icon and choosing the delete option.

When using social media, it is also very important to know how to protect your Status privacy. It is necessary to understand how the ‘Privacy’ settings operate in your WhatsApp. There are 3 privacy options in the WhatsApp Status feature. They are: Share with contacts, share with only a select few, and share with contacts but exclude a few.

Though the Status feature in Whatsapp gives more scope for privacy than in Facebook, it can be tricky at times sending unneeded signals to your contacts unintentionally. And having to update the status every 24hours can be annoying for many of us. The earlier feature where the Status remained unchanged till you changed it or deleted it seemed better in this aspect.

There is a need to fine tune the privacy controls and pave way for a better usage of this very popular go-to messaging service.…

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Tech Talk

How to Navigate Around Social Groups While Maintaining Your Privacy?

WhatsApp does not need any introduction. It is the most popular messaging service and social platform currently and tops almost all the ratings in any App store chart. It has significantly transformed the way people communicate with each other and how news is conveyed across various groups of people and individuals.

It is used daily/ hourly by almost everyone who has a smartphone. It is packed with many useful features which not many of us are familiar with. And here we present to you a few simple yet handy tips and tricks, which you may utilise to manage your way around in groups that you are a part of.

  • Our ‘last seen’ time is usually displayed on-screen for everyone to see. It can sometimes get tricky when you don’t want others to know that you’re onlineor have checked your messages recently. To hide your ‘last seen’ time, go to the settings and account and choose privacy and disable the ‘last seen’ option. When you do this your contacts will not be able to see your ‘last seen’ time and you will not be able to view theirs too.
  • Group conversations can be disturbing many times when we are busy. The constant beeping of the phone for conversations that are of little relevance to us can be very annoying. There are options to mute the group conversations for stipulated time intervals. For Android users, this Mute option can be accessed via the Menu in a group chat and for the Apple users, this option is available in the Group Info section of a chat.
  • One blue/ grey tick indicates that your message has been delivered and two indicate that it has been read. Sometimes you may want to avoid showing that you’ve read the message. The simplest way to go about this is to navigate to Settings and go to Account and choose Privacy. You’ll see Read Receipts option. Uncheck the box. By doing this, others will not know whether you’ve read their messages or not. But you will also not be able to know whether others have read your messages or not.

Your smartphone contains a lot of personal information which you may not be willing to share with others. It’s always best to use a few tricks to control what you would like to share and what you don’t want to share.


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The Right Pillow For A Good Sleep

Sleep is one of the most precious commodities that is always in demand and many people are struggling to get enough of. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle that leaves very little time for relaxation and a good sleep. Getting a good night sleep of 8 hrs is crucial for the well being of any human being. But sadly, the schedules have become such that, one does not get this amount of sleep even on weekends.

Many times, even if one gets enough time to sleep, do they sleep well? do they enjoy a deep sleep that leaves them feeling rested and refreshed when they wake up? Not always. Apart from the high stress filled life and high levels of responsibilities that is bound to disturb a person’s sleep, the place where you sleep also plays a major role.

What You Sleep On Matters

The first thing one thinks of is the mattress; however, the pillows are equally important too. The pillows are what supports your neck the entire night and sleeping on the wrong pillow can not only disturb your sleep, but can also result in very bad neck pains which will eventually translate to back pains and spinal problems, if left unattended.

So How to sleep better? Choose the right pillow! Here are a few tips:

  • When you choose a pillow, check the material used. There are various materials used for different feels. You can choose from a foam based pillow, feather pillow or even cotton pillow. Each of these materials have their own properties which can help or harm your sleep.
  • If you have neck pains or back problems, not only should you choose a firm mattress, but should choose a low pillow too, so that your head is not alleviated too much from the bed when you sleep.
  • Try on different pillows to see which is comfortable. Do not choose the one that is just soft, choose the one that offers enough support and does not have your neck/ head in an odd angle. The filling should be even and should not shift when you rest your head on the pillow.


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Blog, Sash Windows

Sash Windows For Elegance And Functionality

Almost all London homes are adorned with various varieties of Sash windows. They definitely enhance the look of the building giving it a true Victorian Look. When choosing doors and windows for your homes anywhere in Britain, traditional sash windows should be your first choice as they are both elegant as well as functional too.

What are Sash Windows?

Sash windows are usually made up of one or more movable sashes. To create true authentic style windows, one also has the option of creating an individual pane effect with the help of cottage bars.

To add that touch of historic value and the old -world charm to your house even double and triple sash windows are a great idea. Using two draught -less, movable sash frames sash windows are the perfect solution for fantastic ventilation too. For increased energy efficiency and reduction of sounds, the option of choosing triple glazed sash windows is the best solution that you can ever consider.

Benefits of sash windows

  • Sash windows are functional as well as they make your home look traditional
  • They keep your rooms draught -free
  • They are also useful for retaining heat during the cooler months and are keep homes warm and cosy.
  • Help effectively in noise reduction from outside by a couple of decibels
  • Fitted with a good locking system they act as very efficient security measures.
  • Provide excellent ventilation in summers
  • They are versatile and are easy to maintain as well.

Sash windows are the perfect choice in windows as they offer a host of benefits such as energy efficiency. security, protection against draughts, noise reduction and much more. To add to these functional features, they also contribute to the aesthetic value of your house by making it look more sophisticated and elegant. For new sash windows in London do visit our website and you can choose an option that best suits your requirements.…

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Blog, Home Furnishing

Why Wooden Furnishing For The Home And Office?

If you are shopping around for home furnishings, the sheer variety of materials and themes may excite you. With every advance in technology, the materials used in home fittings and furnishings also keep changing trends. However, if there is one material that never seems to go out of trend and is a very popular and favorite choice for home fixtures and furnishings then it is wood.

Wooden furniture for the home space and office space spells elegance and reliability. It gives an aesthetic look to any space. It is a preferred choice because of the following reasons:

  • It looks very natural, exquisite and comes in different designs to suit a modern theme or lend a classy old-world charm to any space.
  • Wood as a material is very strong and sturdy and hence durable and reliable.
  • The maintenance of wooden furnishings needs to be regular but it is simple and hassle-free. It is also quite easy to clean.
  • It is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable material.
  • An article made of wood can generally be redesigned and reused.

The importance of deciding on a theme for home furnishings:

Now that we have seen the many benefits of choosing wood as a material and theme, it is equally important to choose a good quality hardwood for all your home and office furnishing needs. Choose a theme, and let the wooden furnishings you choose follow a certain rhythm so that it pleases the eye and appeals to the aesthetics of the space.

It is important to choose not just the right material. It is also equally essential to pick the right size for the space in question. If the room is small, it makes no sense to get big movables and furnishings. Each piece must be proportionate to the other and give the room an airy and spacious look.

We hope these pointers are convincing enough to make you choose wood as the preferred material and theme for your home/office fixtures and furnishings and help you come up with a pleasing interior design and create a positive ambiance.…

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Blog, Mini Fridge

Mini Fridges: Tiny Alternative For Storing Your Refreshments

Technology has come a really long way. Today, we have all such techniques to make our life convenient and comfortable. Talk about summers, you have numerous kinds of air conditioners and coolers; talk about winters, there are endless heaters, blowers, and geysers available in the market for your use. Another electronic item that has been produced for your daily use for the entire year is a mini fridge. This small version of a fridge can be used by anyone and is available in a diverse variety depending on your requirement. 

Utilisation of mini fridge 

This electronic device is a product that has turned out to be of great use for all the users. For the small size it has, it has become really easy for all the buyers to maintain and use it throughout the year without taking much space. The best feature of this item is that it can be used at any place- be it dorms, picnics, bedrooms, balconies or office buildings. All you need around it is a plug point, that too if you have a version that does not have batteries installed.  

Benefits of using a mini fridge 

Here are some of the reasons why a mini fridge can turn out to be highly useful and advantageous for you. 

  • Portability: For being a very compact product, this type of fridge can be easily moved from one place to another. It can be conveniently taken along on different trips. 


  • Locating the fridge: It is very easy to position a mini fridge at the location of your choice since it does not occupy much space. It is an extremely handy alternative to keep food and drink items cold and available at any time of the day.  


  • Quick charging: This is one of the most favourable advantages of mini fridges. The batteries installed in a mini fridge can be charged very quickly and efficiently. This reduces the overall energy consumption of your home or wherever you place it. 

If you are planning to buy this product, ensure to go through the reviews of the very best mini fridge in 2017 online or in person. This is help you in picking the correct model according to your requirement.…

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Blog, Carpet Cleaning

How To Pick The Best Furniture For Your Home

Selecting furniture for your sweet home is definitely an amazing and fun-filled activity. However, it also becomes a bit of nightmare at times. It gets very challenging for most of us to pick valuable and comfortable pieces to fill the spaces in your home in a way that they reflect our personality and style. In addition to buying new furniture, we generally have some old ones too that can still be used. So, to strike the perfect balance and ensure that the two sets of furniture complement each other, it becomes important for us to take time and go through different aspects.

Things to consider while buying home furniture

If you are in the market and trying your hands on different kinds of furniture to enhance the interior of your home, find below a few points that you must consider:

  • Requirement and purpose: Here, you need to understand what kind of furniture you need for individual purposes and if one furniture piece can cater to two or more different functions. Spare some time to think what kind of furniture is required in each room and who would be using it more often.

  • Dimensions and size of furniture: This aspect needs to be considered properly as it will decide how your new furniture will fit in the room. Make sure that you are aware of the dimensions of the rooms you are planning to place the furniture in and buy the pieces in accordance to that.

  • Considering a theme: Most of the people have started setting up their homes keeping a particular theme in mind. If not the entire house, then you can certainly divide themes per room and select furniture complementing that theme. This will add style and authenticity to your place.

  • Material and make: Whichever furniture style you pick- be it bohemian, industrial, neoclassical or minimalist, make sure that you check the material used to make it. The carvings should be done smoothly with no sharp bends.

Furniture is something that says a lot about you and your home’s aura. So, no matter where you are staying- countryside or posh streets of Vegas, buy furniture pieces that are stylish and elegant in their own way.…

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Blog, Coffee Talks

A Good Book And Favourite Beverage: Your Saviours For Life

We all have one or the other day that turns out to be gloomy, isn’t it? No matter how hard we try to boost our energy or lift our mood, all we feel like doing is staying back at home and just giving some time to ourselves for recuperating. However, believe it or not, this is certainly one of the best ideas to indulge in some self-analysis and discover what is troubling you at that time. Other than this, even if there is no such reason that is making you feel low, giving time to yourself and your home is always beneficial in several ways.

Interior, home chores and books

Being at home the entire day is not actually as boring as it sounds like, provided you know how to make the most of such days. Be it men or women, everyone must have an inclination towards making their home look more beautiful and captivating. You can always stay back and re-arrange the interior of your home to bring in a change in your life. In addition to this, we don’t realise but countless home chores go unattended when we are packed in a busy schedule. A single or max two days off in a week hardly give you enough time to address these issues. This is why we must take a break and find out what needs our attention at home and get it fixed for a better living.

In case you are more in the mood to simply relax and rejuvenate yourself from the hectic life you are living currently, another helpful alternative is to read a good book along with sipping your favourite beverage like coffee. These two combinations can never go wrong and only their lovers can swear by it. One never realises how the entire day passes while enjoying a fabulous book along with this world-famous beverage.

Try out these options and see how different and energised you feel the next day. After all, a healthy mind knows the best how to flourish your personal as well as professional life.…

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