There is nothing more painful than accidently stepping or worse kneeling or a small piece of toy. Slipping or random balls or cars can be dangerous and awfully painful too. When there are kids at home, toys strewn all over the house can be a huge problem.

You either train the kids to keep the toys back in place once they finish playing with it. Or you can come up with different ways to keep kids busy so they do not throw open they toy cupboard immediately after it has been packed up. I got this kids showerhead for my new home, that keeps the kids engaged for pretty long! They enjoy spending time under it and finally have learnt to bathe on their own too.

If cleaning up your home seems like a far off thing thanks to toys being found under and over practically everything, its time you come up with some smart toys storage rules.

Set a particular play area: BE very strict about it. Ensure the kids play as much as they like, but within their play area. This way, you have just one room to clean instead of the entire house.

Allow only a certain number of toys to be out at one time. If your kids are playing at home, allow them to remove just a decided number of toys and not beyond that. It prevents that entire Pandora’s Box to be opened (and cleaned) each time.

Be careful about the size of toys you have. Given a choice, kids will choose the biggest possible car or the biggest play pond. But you need to be realistic about your home and the size of the toy. If you do buy big toys, try to look out of varieties that can be dismantled into a smaller size.

Sort the toys: This is a practical solution if your kid suddenly remembers to play with only one type of toy at a time. When your sort out the blocks, dolls, cars in separate containers it helps remove only the box from where they want the toy.

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