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Quality product and service

There are a few products that become synonymous with the brand because of the quality of what is being produced on the whole. Clark is the same to Pest Control. Clark Pest Control has proven itself not just to the customers but the employees too who stand alongside with what the company believes in.

Why does Clark Pest Control stand out from the rest?

  • The mission of this company is to not just meet the expectations of the customer but to exceed it. They start out aiming for the biggest goal and they achieve it magnificently.
  • Their method of working is personal, sensitive and responsive yet professional and ethical. They show their care in a complete way that makes the customer genuinely feel safe and secure from the pests.
  • The employees who work with this company are qualified and experienced specialists in the field. They have undergone extensive training and are capable of dealing with any kind of pest situation.
  • The services that are performed are of the highest quality standards. There are no bad days.
  • The variety of service provided by this pest control company is immense. These services are economical and personalized. They can be custom made to suit the needs of the customer.
  • Punctuality is the essence. They start and finish as per the scheduled appointment and leave the house cleaned up and fit for use again.

The company believes that they need to evolve along with the customers and modify themselves accordingly to meet and exceed expectations. Their best-trained employees visit the site and analyze it professionally before offering the best quote for the service. Rest assured, there is no question of the pests ever coming back. They guarantee the best that they can do and have never disappointed.

Clark is who you want to call when you have pest issues.…

Pest Control

Pest Controlling Tips For Your Garden

Do you have pests in your vegetable garden spoiling your crops? Well, it is very common to have pests in the plants but the problem arises when they rise to an alarming level and causes damage to most of your plants.

Nowadays, gardeners do not prefer to expose their gardens to synthetic chemical pesticides and rather look for some other pest solutions.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to keep the plants pest-free.

  • Not all insects are bad for your garden. There are beneficial insects such as ladybugs, parasite wasps, lacewings, damsel bugs and minute pirate bugs. which actually eat those pest insects. These good bugs can be attracted to your garden if they get pest insects for their consumption.
  • While choosing plants for your garden, be wise to not pick those varieties of plants which are prone to having more pests.
  • One of the easiest ways to prevent pests is by putting a physical barrier in between the insect and the plant. You can use floating row cover which are very light weighted and are made up of spun-bound fabric. This can be used to cover the plants which are pest prone. Do not forget to pin the sides of the cover to the ground so that the sneaky pests cannot crawl under the edges and you must ensure that there is lot of slack in the cover. But you must take off the row cover during the time of flower blooming from the plant so that it can be accessible to pollinators.
  • Intercropping is another solution to make it difficult for the pests to locate their host plants. Thus, try to increase diversity of your garden by inter planting different crops of vegetables with each other. Instead of growing a single plant in a row it is better to mix up everything.