A Living In The Greenery


It is a rare scene or a sight to see trees and plants around us. It is only the concrete jungle that is filling our lives and in this maddening rush for money and capital riches, we forget that we are toppling our peaceful living in the opposite direction. Greenery and the importance of some natural living should start with us from our little houses. Yes, and this is possible through the small and elegant gardens; it could be a vegetative garden or just a plantation of flower-bearing and fruit-bearing plants. It is a must for every house and its inmates to maintain some greenery around them. There are lots of benefits that we can actually enjoy by having a garden at home.

There has been an increasing and demanding emphasis on going green. Trees are being cut just for the purpose of mounting sky-high buildings and we forget the importance and significance of these life-saving trees and plants. How do you think you get enough oxygen to live an extended life? It is from these trees and green plants which emit oxygen and taken in the carbon-di-oxide emitted by us. So trees play a very important role in our healthy living.

A garden at home will also help in restoring and maintaining the water table. They help in keeping the surrounding environment fresh and pollution free by absorbing all the dirty and harmful gases into them. They also add beauty and elegance to the house. It is a sight to watch them beaming as the first thing in the morning and with them, the day starts fresh and energetic. For all these, it is important that you maintain and safeguard them properly. They need regular watering and manuring and this is what is going to help you have a green living forever.…