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Ideas on how to have more fun in the bathroom

How would you define fun? An experience which relaxes and makes you feel good as well. Like spending time with friends and family connecting and doing things together. Going to a movie or park. Or spending time with oneself? Some me time is what most of us call it. In this hectic lifestyle where we just get caught up on the day to day work. We hardly get some time to ourselves.

Then every little time we give ourselves is bliss. So a simple hot water shower can make the bathroom a fun place too. Give your bathroom the ambiance of a spa, a place for relaxing where you just spend time catching up with reading or just listening to music and sipping wine. Sounds divine.

My bathroom was just renovated. I got this handheld LED shower head, which makes our bathroom so colorful. The Led shower comes in different shapes and sizes which can spray colored water on you. It changes color as it sprays water. No electricity or batteries needed. The light glows and changes with the pressure of water. Latest inclusion in shower cubicles which comes in different shapes. It is indeed a fun experience to have. It lights up a child’s face to see his shower to spray different colors. It isn’t very expensive and can be customized to fit in your budget. A must-have in your bathroom to redecorate it with color and feel. There are so many ideas which can upgrade your bathroom from a mundane room to a place you want to enjoy the time spent on it while bathing. Am sure will attract those who are not a big fan of taking a shower daily. This doesn’t use too much water but it is designed to give u the feel of abundance.


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