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Increase Your Fitness Levels By Increasing Testosterone Production

Want to increase your fitness levels? are you looking out for ways in which you can attain optimum fitness goals? Then read on. Here is some information on how to achieve your goal. According to recent research, this feat can be achieved by simply increasing the production of testosterone in the body. To know more about how this is possible we first need to know what is testosterone and what are the effects it has on the body.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone secreted in the bodies of both men and women. In both men and women, it plays an important role as it is associated with increased energy levels, sexual drive, and physical strength.

Effect of testosterone on the male body

In males, testosterone initiates the beginning of various sexual developments and continues to play an important role in his reproductive life and it helps to maintain optimal physical health throughout his lifespan. Testosterone levels peak during early adulthood and have a significant role in the maintenance of production of RBCs, storage of adipose in the body, development of bone and muscle mass and in maintaining ideal physical and sexual health.

Maintaining Testosterone levels

Generally, it has been observed that in most men the testosterone levels start decreasing after the age of 30. Low levels of this hormone can lead to numerous problems like inability to have an erection, fatigue, sleep disorders, decreased energy levels, poor muscle strength, loss of body hair, depression and more.

To prevent all these side effects of decreased testosterone levels it is recommended to either take testosterone supplementation orally or through injections, gels, and implants.  Better than this is the use of natural remedies and therapies to increase the production of the hormone in your own body. There are several theories and remedies as for how to stimulate testosterone production in the body. There are a variety of herbs and natural supplements which can take care of increasing the production of testosterone in the body and help you remain physically fit and strong.

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