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Latest Gadgets To Increase Your House Safety

There have been some basic gadgets that have been used by households like a carbon monoxide detector or a fire alarm. But there are also some new and innovative gadgets that are less known but they are a great investment to increase your houses safety and give you some peace.

I found a great home surveillance system here. It is difficult to see clearly with peepholes that have been designed on most doors. This is dangerous because unknown people may get you to open the door. To solve this problem, you could attach a LCD peephole that needs to be attached over a peephole. This lets you see on a screenabout who is at the door. The screen size is big enough almost as big as a digital camera. It also allows various features like zoom mode, visibility in low light and wide angle. You can also record the image.

In case there is a burglar who is planning to attack your home you can keep your house safe by installing a faux TV. The lights art home that are timed do not fool burglars. But when the light of a TV flickers it can help to fool them. Instead of keeping your TV on when you are on a holiday or out of home for afew days, you can instead usea LED TV simulator. The device uses very less energy as compared to a TV but it emits light that flickers and changes colour andthe intensity. Thismakes aburglar feel that the TV is on andsomeone is home so your house would not be a target for them.

In case the hose of your washing machine fails then you will have to spend a huge amount to repair. Instead you could install a leak alarm that alerts you in case there is a leak and before your house becomes a disaster. As soon asthere is a leak the device sends a loud alarm. There is also an option to install a water leak detection system in your whole house that shuts off water supply completely in case of a leak.

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