Modern Day Cat Lady: An Ultimate Guide

So, you have a dear friend who loves cats and her birthday is coming up. What do you do?  There are a lot of gift options you can give your cat adoring pal. There are a host of gifts from catty coffee table mugs, photo frames, neck pillows, cat themed cushion covers to clothing and apparels.

The clothing and apparel scene for animal lovers and cat enthusiasts has really a lot of great options to offer. Let’s take a look:

  • Jumpsuits/ Leggings: These come in different styles and colours that are so adorable, and we are sure your girl pal is really going to love this gift.
  • Scarves/ Stoles (shawls): There are a lot of varieties in terms of colours, textures, fabrics and cat-based prints for you to choose from. One needs to just take a bit of time to go through the different varieties in different price ranges available currently and you will know that you’re spoilt for choice here.
  • Cat Prints Tees: Any cat lover with a cat or two or more at home will tell you that they can be all over you and how immensely enjoyable it is to hang out with cats. There are beautiful, smart tees available in different colours and catty designs, which may be the best adorable gift you can give your cat lover buddy.

Then there are the pro-cat tees which support some notable causes and express everything feminist without even talking about it.

  • Cat pyjamas and night suits: There are comfortable cotton pyjamas to keep the birthday girl cool or fleece ones to increase the warmth when it becomes too chilly out there. These are something very adorable and suitable for young girls and women who simply love their pets.

If you know what to give and where to search, there are quite a few beautiful pieces of clothing that you can gift to your girl pal and if you want cat clothes for humans go here.

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