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The Importance of Safety Data Sheets in the Cleaning Services Business

The importance of material safety data sheets can never be undermined when one is in the home cleaning business. Different chemicals go into the formulation of cleaning products of homes and office buildings. The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (or any similar body of any country) makes it mandatory for the exact information on all the ingredients and their proportions in the product formulation to be stated clearly.

The material safety data sheet that comes with any product used in the home cleaning business need not be distributed by the cleaning services retailer to the consumer. It is especially necessary for the workers in the home cleaning services business who handle the hazardous substances and chemicals as part of their job requirement.

The safety data sheet for any product used by any cleaning services must contain the following information in clear English:

  • The product name and name of the manufacturing company
  • The ingredients used in the preparation of the product
  • The proportion of the individual ingredients in the formulation of the product (the physical, toxic and chemical properties of the cleaning product)
  • Hazard information and instructions on safe use and handling of the product.
  • First-aid information in case of misuse of the product or accidents while using it.

This information not only protects the workers handling these substances but also helps to decide whether a product is suitable or not for a given cleaning surface/ space. Several companies which manufacture cleaning products for homes, and buildings like Clover Chemicals have specific data sheets containing the safety information on all the physical, chemical properties of the ingredients used in all their products apart from regulatory information and recommendations for safe usage.

This is a relevant and much-needed document from the manufacturer to the occupational users and consumers of chemical-based cleaning products. It provides correct information and must be available for all cleaning solutions. It must be accessible to the occupational workers or consumers of these chemicals to promote general safety and awareness. The safety data sheet can be made available in paper, or in the website database or as microfiche copies.


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