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Things You Must Do To Help Your Dog During Reproduction

When you realize that your dog is in heat:

When your female dog is in the heat then it is very obvious due to certain physical and psychological indications. The best indicator to tell you that the female dog has reached her heat or estrus is when there is a marked swollenness around her vulva. She will also start licking the part as it may be slightly burning or tingling there. The moment you realize that your 4 to 6 months old female dog is giving obvious attention to her vulva you can be sure enough that she is entering estrus. This is incidentally the stage when estrogen is produced in the body and as we all know that this female hormone is indeed responsible for the success rate of her mating.

The female dog will also have bleeding or discharge from the vulva and may also have problems like incontinence or frequent urinating. She may have aggressive mood swings or she may have irritability or extreme alertness. You can as a pet owner give her utmost assurance by being very patient with her as his is quite a stressful period for most of them.

The rule is to take the female to the male:

It has been noticed that mating is more stressful for the male dogs than their female counterparts and therefore it is correctly observed that the female will have to be taken to the male dog’s house in order to facilitate reproduction in dogs. The assistors or the handlers who take care of the mating will make sure that the mating takes place in the way that ensures that it is successful.

Sometimes, there is a mismatch mating and it is highly recommended that the dogs during the mismatch mating be not disturbed because it can upset the dogs and in most cases it has been seen that the female dog is at the receiving end and is very prone to serious injuries in her vital organs.

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