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Tips On Buying A Polesaw

Tips On Buying A Polesaw


You have a tree with some lofty branches and you know it is time to work on them. This leaves you with two choices.Either call a professional to do the work for you or buy some tools that will let you do the task yourself. If you choose thelatter then the first thing that you need to buy is a pole saw.

Pole pruner or a pole saw is designed like a small chainsaw that is attached to an extended pole. This can be used to cut branches as its cutting area is only 6 to 8 inches deep.However, there are some extension poles that reach around 7 to 9 feet and also some that go up to 10.5 feet.

How do I buy a pole saw?

I found the right pole saw for me here and the first thing that I took care of is that the pole saw has a good power –to-weight ratio. It can be really painful to use a pole saw as you will need to guide the instrument up in the air and also at the same time support it well.The saw may not seem to look very heavy, however, when you try to hold it up for long it will definitely start to feel so.

There are many pole-saws that are manufactured today that have an electric model. These offer the same power to cut but are cheaper to run and build as compared to the traditional model that is powered by gas. These also need very less maintenance and also cost less. This is the reason why electric pole saws have found a lot of demand among the homeowners. A corded pole saw model is recommended if you have a small garden. This is because the corded pole saws will not need a battery pack and also you do not need any adaption tools which make the pole saw heavy. But it is important to take note that the corded pole saws have a very limited reach. If the distance of the tree that you want to cut is say 100 feet away from the socket then it is wise to invest in a cordless pole saw.

A gas powered saw is apt if you have a number of trees that need to be hit. However, even the best varieties of cordlesspole saws are good only for an hour andneed to be charged after an hour or so to use it again.


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